How many pupils can you fit in to a workshop ?


A maximum of 35 but the lower the number the more time we have per pupil.

We can normally complete 2 workshops per day.  PLUS each of the children have access to our special Museum Collection

What age range do you work with ?


From reception upwards.  We adjust the range of toys, the science content, and the involvement with tools according to age.  

How much is a workshop ?


The impossible question, how many pupils?  where is your school?  what do you want us to include in the workshop?  

Please give us the opportunity of creating a workshop for you and quoting you a price - no commitment on your part.

What do the children do?


Everything.  Please check out ‘The typical toy day’ for a comprehensive description.

What does the school need to provide ?


Initially an area where all the pupils who will take part in the workshops can sit down whilst we introduce the toys, some of the history and the science that makes them work.

Each workshop will require a classroom where the pupils can sit to work at their own toy and sufficient space for us to set up our small workbenches.  In an ideal situation we would use the same classroom throughout the day but are happy to move if necessary.  We also require a second space if you wish to have the Handling Collection.

Do the children have a choice of toy ?


There will be around 18 different toys in any workshop and in order to give pupils a fair choice we would need to carry about 1400 toys per day, so the answer is - not normally.  Having said that, we do carry spare toys in case of emergency.  We will always check with the teacher to ensure that children with special needs are properly catered for.

How do you accommodate special educational needs pupils ?


We have a number of SEN and EBD schools and ALL pupils have successfully created their own toy.  Please talk to us to discuss the individual needs of your children.