A Typical Toy Day

Up to 60 pupils per day - 1/2 morning 1/2 afternoon

Toys and forces

All pupils come together to look at our range of toys through history and we explore the forces used to operate them and materials they are made from.  This session is adjusted according to age group.

Making the toy


All the toys need some smoothing.  A variety of techniques will be introduced for the pupils to try.


Each toy requires at least one hole drilling.  The pupil will receive a one to one session using a hand-drill.


Armed with a finished example of the toy plus other artwork, each pupil will create a design on their own toy


High quality, acrylic crayons are provided in order to create the best finish possible.


Each pupil assembles their own toy under one to one supervision.

A range of tools may be used which include - hammers, pliers, glue, string and scissors